The Plano Colorguard is an organization that trains as athletes to perfect equipment and dance movement skills as part of a visual arts performance. The Plano Colorguard operates alongside the Plano Band as the primary visual component of the Marching Band, as part of its competitive field production in the fall.In the winter and early spring, the Plano Colorguard prepares a competitive indoor production of its own, set to recorded music, an activity known as Winterguard. The Plano Colorguard competes from late January to early April.
For more information on the Plano Colorguard, please contact the Colorguard Director, Gerardo Chavero, at



2023 Plano Colorguard Middle School Camp

Join the Plano Colorguard on March 18th as they host their annual Middle School Colorguard Workshop. This is an opportunity for students, 6th-8th grade, to come out and see what it's like to be part of the Central Cluster Colorguard Program. Admission is $50, which includes lunch and instructional staff. Students will learn basic colorguard exercises and a musical routine. This is also a great opportunity for 8th grade students to get some experience before colorguard auditions at Clark or Vines. 


Students participating in this camp are invited to perform their routine at the Plano Winterguard Exhibition on March 21st. Performance starts at 7pm in the Plano Senior gym. 


To register, follow the link below:  






Plano Colorguard Auditions 2023


Come be part of one of the most exhilarating programs at Plano Senior HS. The Plano Colorguard is an award winning organization that teaches you the importance of hard work, dedication, and teamwork through performing arts. Don't miss out on being part of our amazing and wonderful family.


Auditions for the 2023 Plano Colorguard Season will take place on April 17th - 21st  2nd from 5pm to 7pm in the Plano Senior HS gym. 


For more information contact Mr. G