About Plano Senior High School Band


On behalf of the Grammy Award-winning Plano Band Program, we welcome you to one of the most exciting, diverse, and historically music rich programs in the nation. We are proud of our program-it’s past, present, and future-with its foundation built on the greatest pride, tradition, music, and friendships. We wish every Plano Band student and parent a year filled with incredible shared experiences and life long memories.


Plano Senior High School Mission Statement:

The mission of Plano Senior High School is to graduate individuals prepared to function with integrity in a rapidly changing world.


Plano Senior High School Band Mission Statement:

The mission of the Plano Senior High School Band is to help students develop personal skills that lead to success; to develop in each student an appreciation of the art of music; to teach techniques of musical expression; to develop knowledge and skills in listening to all styles of music and in reading and performing all styles of music; to teach performance skills that help students realize their individual musical potentials.


PROGRAM GOALS: Students will develop the following skills and concepts:

  • Self-confidence, self-worth, self-discipline, responsibility; and dependable behavior.
  • Motivation, trust, integrity, ownership, honesty, and human connection.
  • Teamwork, collaboration, patience, perseverance, dedication, and commitment.
  • Critical thinking, clear and high expectations, planning, adaptation, assessment, accountability, and consistent work ethic.
  • Respect for others and understanding of others.
  • A high degree of music listening and reading skills encompassing: rhythm, tonality, tone, texture, articulation, melody, harmony, dynamics, meter, tempo, scales and arpeggios, and the ability to be versatile to any given musical circumstance.
  • The ability to work cooperatively with others toward the performance of music in and with the ensemble.
  • A high level of quality artistry through individual musical awareness, control, precision, and technical facility.
  • Respect for and proper use of facilities, uniforms, and equipment.
  • Pride and loyalty to the ensemble, the organization, our school and our community.




Jason Lewis

Director of Bands

Ph: 469-752-9398, Email: jason.lewis@pisd.edu

Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Honors Band, Finances, Band Trip, Fundraising, Publicity, Private Lessons, Banquet, Hospitality (food)


Michael Hernandez

Associate Director of Bands

Ph: 469-752-9399, Email: michael.hernandez@pisd.edu

Symphonic Band & Concert Band 2, Percussion Program, Website, Student Lockers, Contest Entries


Jacob Diewald

Associate Director of Bands

Ph: 469-752-9397

Email: jacob.diewald@pisd.edu

Concert Band 1, Jazz Band 1 & 2, Website, School-Owned Instruments, Instrument Usage Fees


Gerardo Chavero

Colorguard / Winterguard Instructor

Email: chaverogjr@gmail.com




Clark High School

Jacob Kennedy, Director of Bands

Anna Rutherford, Associate Director of Bands

Gerardo Chavero, Colorguard Instructor

Tex Bosley, Assistant Percussion Coordinator


Vines High School

Jonathan Cao, Director of Bands

Chris Martin, Associate Director of Bands

Sarah Gutierrez, Colorguard Instructor

Tex Bosley, Assistant Percussion Coordinator


Haggard Middle School

Judi Altstatt, Director of Bands

Corey Anderson, Associate Director of Bands


Hendrick Middle School

Edgar Jaime, Director of Bands

Lauren Pittner, Associate Director of Bands


Carpenter Middle School

Deborah Salinas, Director of Bands

Lauren Pittner, Associate Director of Bands


Schimelpfenig Middle School

Ben Altom, Director of Bands

Michael Scott, Associate Director of Bands


Wilson Middle School

Kristin May, Director of Bands

Gillian Quiggle, Associate Director of Bands



PISD Superintendent, Theresa Williams

PISD Director of Fine Arts, TBD

PISD Instrumental Music Coordinator, Jeremy Kondrat

PSHS Principal, Jeff Banner

PSHS Associate Principal Curriculum Director, Coryn Prince

PSHS Associate Principal Student Activities, Andy Jacob