Plano Senior High School

2018-2019 Jazz Ensemble

Audition Information


The PSHS Jazz Program is known throughout Texas and the United States as a premiere high school jazz program. The band was selected as one of top fifteen bands in the United States in 2005 and 2010 when they were invited to perform at the Essentially Ellington Competition in New York City. In addition, Plano Jazz hosts one of the premiere Jazz Festivals in DFW the Plano Jazz Invitational.

Playing in the PSHS Jazz Program is one of the greatest experiences that our students are offered.  Jazz Ensembles meet as separate classes daily throughout the school year.  Members must be a member of the band, orchestra, or choir program.  Only guitarists and pianists may audition if they have never been a member of a band, choir, or orchestra program.  All trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, piano, bass, and drumset players are highly encouraged to audition.  No previous jazz experience is necessary.





Wednesday, May 9, 2017 (PSHS Band Hall)


5:00pm – Saxophones, Clarinets

5:30pm – Trombones

6:00pm – Trumpets

6:30pm – Rhythm Section (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums)



Audition Material


All students auditioning, except drumset players, will perform two etudes, one swing style and one ballad and improvise over an F Blues performed with the track found HERE.  Drumset players will perform one etude and play time/solo in three contrasting styles listed below.   Students should play each etude as closely to marked tempos as possible.  Rhythmic and pitch accuracy as well as jazz style will be the main criteria for admittance into the jazz ensemble.  Be certain that you download a copy of the etudes for your given instrument below.


Saxophones - Click HERE for Music


Trumpets - Click HERE for Music


Trombones - Click HERE for Music


Bass Trombones - Click HERE for Music


Piano - Click HERE for Music


Bass - Click HERE for Music


Guitar - Click HERE for Music


Drums - Etude “A-Train” performed w/ jazz drum audition audio track  - Click HERE for Music Click HERE for Backing Track.



Below are the requirements in addition to the prepared etudes for each rhythm section instrument:


Piano - “Comp” F Blues chord changes - Click HERE for Music

             “Comp” ii-V-I chord changes in all twelve major keys - Click HERE for Music.


Guitar – “Comp” F Blues chord changes - Click HERE for Music

              “Comp” ii-V-I chord changes in all twelve major keys - Click HERE for Music


Bass –    “Walk” F Blues chord progression - Click HERE for Music


Drums –  Play swing, latin, and rock/funk styles using the following form: